Basic Rapidr Terminology


Boards contain all the feedback entries, including feature requests, bugs, or feedback requests. All boards are public by default right now. A public board is visible to everyone on the web. Usually, Public Boards are used to gather feedback from customers and teammates.


A customer/user or a fellow Rapidr admin team member can add a feedback entry when having access to the board. A new feedback entry can be created with the "New entry" button, filling in the dialog's details. Your customers can also add images to the feedback entry.

Whenever you assign a status to a feedback entry, all the customers/users who voted and commented on it will be notified by  email keeping them in the loop.


Your customers can show support for an existing feedback entry by voting on it. All the votes are then amassed in Rapidr, allowing admins to sort according to the most and least voted entry quickly. Voters will automatically be enrolled to receive emails regarding updates related to that feedback entry.


Every feedback entry has a discussion section where your customers, admins, and teammates can comment and further discuss the feedback; they need to have access to the board containing the entry.

Admin comments can be easily distinguished from customer's remarks and, when added, will be notified to all voters. You can also reply directly via @mention to only inform the customer who commented on it.

Confidential Comments

These are the type of comments that have limited visibility to your team members only. These comments won't be visible to your customers or those who don't have admin access to the feedback entry.


As an admin, you can assign different statuses such as progress, done, testing, etc., to all feedback entries. Assigning status will indicate that you are listening to your customer's feedback and working on it.

Custom Status

An admin can also create a custom status to assign to a feedback entry apart from the default status Rapidr already has. 

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