How to capture feedback & get notifications with Slack

Slack is a leading instant messaging app for companies of all sizes. 

Connecting your Slack workspace with Rapidr is seamless, only takes a minute, and requires no coding experience (or a developer).

What can you do by connecting Slack?

As a team messaging app it's natural all of your teammates are already onboarded and using Slack for their day-to-day communications. Rapidr helps your teammates be more productive by:

1. Staying on top of incoming feedback, comments, and votes.

2. Capturing feedback directly anywhere from Slack without losing context.

How to enable Slack integration?

Step 1 - Navigate to Integrations > Slack

To connect with Slack, head over to your company settings, then navigate to Integrations on the left navigation pane, and then select Slack in the list. 

Step 2 - Install Slack

To connect your Slack workspace, press the button named "Install Slack app". 

Step 3 - Allow installation

A new tab (or a window) will open asking you to confirm the installation we've initiated in the last step. 

Here's what it will look like. 

Select the channel where you'd want to get the activity alerts. In the image above we've already created a channel named "feedback" in our workspace beforehand. 

Now, all you need to do is hit the green "Allow" button and you'll be redirected back to the Rapidr's settings page.

Step 4 - Confirm installation (optional)

This is an optional step and can skip it at your discretion. After allowing installation in the last step, you'll be redirected back to Rapidr, and you'd see a screen like this. As you'd notice, the "Install Slack app" button is hidden, and you'd see the channel you chose in the previous step under "Notifications & alerts". Congratulations, you've successfully installed Rapidr on your Slack workspace.


1. You can now run a slash command anywhere in your Slack workspace like /rapidr. After running this command, you'll be presented with a modal like this. You can use this to track feedback from your users.

2. You'll see incoming feedback notifications, votes, and comments in the channel of your choice. Here's an example alert:

Want to connect more channels?

You can receive notifications in multiple channels. Click the button named "Authorize another channel" and follow the steps noted above. 

How to filter out notifications by feedback boards?

For each authorized channel, you can filter notifications by feedback boards. For example, you can have a Slack channel called "enterprise" where you'd only want notifications from the "Enterprise feature requests" feedback board, so you'll want to disable all the other feedback boards by toggling them off.

How to filter certain events?

For each authorized channel, you can filter notifications by event type. For example, if you're building a consumer application, you might receive a lot of comments and votes on your feedback. You can slice and dice which event types are relevant to you and only receive notifications about those events.

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