How to install Rapidr JavaScript SDK in your application

Installing Rapidr's JavaScript SDK takes less than 5 minutes for an engineer.

Include this script tag anywhere inside the <head> or<body> tags. On page load, you'll have access to the global window.Rapidr object.

<!-- Install Rapidr SDK -->
  (function (R, a, p, i, d, r) {
    R.Rapidr = R.Rapidr || function () {
        (R.Rapidr.q = R.Rapidr.q || []).push(arguments);
    d = a.getElementsByTagName('head')[0];
    r = a.createElement('script');
    r.async = 1;
    r.src = p + '/' + i;
  })(window, document, '', 'sdk.js');
<!-- Install Rapidr SDK end -->

And that's it! You have successfully installed Rapidr on your application.

Now, explore what else you can do with the installed SDK by referring to the developer documentation.

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