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We are glad to have you on board. To help you get started, we’ve prepared this series of guides for you. In this first guide, we’ll discuss an overview of what Rapidr is and what you can do with it.

Note: This article is an introduction to Rapidr. If you wish to learn how to setup Rapidr please proceed to the section Setting up Rapidr,

What is Rapidr?

Rapidr is a modern feedback management platform that makes building remarkable products a breeze.

Rapidr will help you understand what your customers want, and, in turn, help you take savvy product decisions.

Most requested feature? Don’t have a Roadmap? Duplicate feature requests? Feedback from your high-paying customers? We’ve got you covered.

You no longer need to refer to emails or find the spreadsheet you made in 2015, or open seven different apps to see what someone said.

Stay on top of feedback in one single, organized place. We’re taking the guesswork out of building remarkable products.

What can you do with Rapidr?

Rapidr is built with a simple, intuitive interface to collect and maintain feedback which is far from the old, cluttered, and messy spreadsheets used today, on top of that it is customizable for you to integrate into your website itself.

Rapidr provides unlimited feedback boards to differentiate the types of feedback collected. Even customer-facing teams as sales, support, customer success teams can capture feedback on behalf of your customers, and maintain them as a centralized source of information.

You can also:

  • Vote, prioritize, and iterate over feedback by allowing users to vote on existing feedbacks.
  • Create a public or private board to limit the accessibility of the board.
  • Discuss and reply to your customer's feedback request in the comments.
  • Assign status such as in progress or done to update customers on the feedback status.

Who can use Rapidr?

The short answer is whoever wants to collect feedback and have Internet access. In fact, Rapidr can be used by:

  • Small businesses who wish to stand out of the crowd on a budget, prioritize customer feedback.
  • Large companies who need their product to grow with the customers, collect feedback, and engage with their customers.
  • Nonprofits and charities who want to empower their customers and listen to their feedback.
  • Individuals who want to collect feedback for their side projects.
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